North America

Walton began raising capital for real estate assets in Canada since day one, and expanding into the United States in the mid-2000s. Our real estate assets are strategically focused in Canada and the United States due to their stable economies and long-term growth prospects.

Established in North America for more than 42 years
Managed more than 98,000 acres of land
Focus on generating monetization opportunities
Worked with 50+ top builders and developers
Service more than 40,000 investors

Asia, Europe and the Middle East

Walton’s focus in Asia, Europe and the Middle East is on raising capital and servicing our global investor base. In more than 71 countries, we provide exceptional service to our clients, with a focus on serving institutional and sophisticated investors.

Established first international office in Hong Kong in 1992
Expanded to Singapore, Mainland China, Dubai and Germany
Focus on offering land-based investment opportunities
300+ approved distribution channels
Service more than 50,000 investors