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Our Builder Land Financing (BLF) meets the growing demand for “just-in time” inventory models that help our top home builder clients in the US secure their land supply and build new homes across the country. Mainly due to underbuilding from 2010 to 2020, the shortage of homes in America ranges anywhere from 4 to 6 million homes. Land is a key component to home building making our BLF program a solution for US home builders that identify land they would like us to acquire and hold until they are ready to build homes – a growing strategy in the home building industry.


Using our Builder Land Financing model, we develop competitive real estate investment offerings using various structures tailored for both accredited and institutional investors. Investment offerings range from funds and individual structures that can produce positive returns in a relatively short period of time. We charge a premium to our home builder clients for acquiring the land on their behalf that is paid out as current interest with semi-annual payments. The original payment is also returned proportionately to investors as homes are built and sold.