Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Administrative Officer


Executive Vice President, Global Capital Markets


Executive Vice President,
Finance and Portfolio Management


Managing Director, South Asia


Managing Director, Middle East


Managing Director,


Principal, Walton Land Capital


Principal, Walton Land Capital



Executive Vice President, Real Estate


Executive Vice President,
Real Estate (Georgia & Tennessee)


Senior Vice President, Land (Florida, Carolinas & Texas (Houston to San Antonio))


Senior Vice President,
Real Estate (Arizona, Canada, California & Colorado)


Vice President, Land, (Arizona, California, Colorado & Texas (San Marcos, Austin & DFW))


Vice President,
Real Estate (The Carolinas & Mid-Atlantic)


Vice President, Real Estate (Texas & OKC)


Land Manager (Georgia, Tennessee & Mid-Atlantic)


Development Manager, Maryland (Westphalia & Canter Creek)


Real Estate Coordinator (Arizona, Canada, California, Colorado, Texas & OKC)


Real Estate Coordinator (Georgia, Tennessee & Florida)


Real Estate Coordinator (East Region)



Executive Vice President, Capital Markets


Executive Vice President,
Capital Markets


Senior Vice President, Capital Markets


Senior Vice President, Capital Markets


Senior Vice President


Senior Vice President


Senior Vice President, Controller


Senior Vice President, Human Resources


Senior Vice President, Global Sales Support


Senior Vice President, Information Technology


Vice President, Portfolio Management


Vice President, Operations (Canada)


Vice President, Administration


Vice President,
Finance and Treasury


Vice President, Document Processing


Vice President,
Real Estate Transactions


Vice President,
Global Marketing


Manager, Corporate Development



Senior Vice President, Mainland China


Senior Vice President, Guangzhou and Macau


Senior Investment Product Director


Vice President,
Business Development


Vice President,
Business Development


Vice President, Institutional Sales – Capital Markets (APAC)


Vice President,
Business Development


Vice President,
Business Development


Vice President,
Client Services & Operations



Senior Vice President, Sales, Singapore


Vice President, Operations (South Asia)
As Chief Executive Officer at Walton Global, William (Bill) Doherty has been central to the company’s strategic direction over the past two decades. His pioneering guidance has propelled the expansion of Walton’s investment activities, launching the company’s U.S., Asia and Europe operations. Under his leadership, Walton has become a leading North American real estate investment, asset management and development group.

Mr. Doherty oversees the company’s continued involvement in land use planning and development and is deeply involved in forging Walton’s alliances with leading international investment banks, broker-dealers, financial advisors and institutional investors.

As Chief Operating Officer at Walton Global, Kate Kaminski is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and ensures that all systems, resources and people are in place to achieve Walton’s goals.

Prior to joining Walton in 2007, Ms. Kaminski worked in sales and marketing for new homebuilder, Elite Communities, in Phoenix, Arizona, and was involved in strategic sales development and communications for a major U.S. retailer.

As Chief Financial Officer at Walton Global, Brian Tchang is responsible for the day-to-day financial operations, land valuations, and external reporting of Walton’s U.S. land assets.

Prior to joining Walton in 2021, Mr. Tchang worked in SEC external reporting for an S&P 500 publicly traded real estate investment trust, Mid-American Apartment Communities. He also worked in the education, semi-truck components distribution, aviation disassembly & distribution, and Big Four public accounting industries. Mr. Tchang is a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”).

Athena is responsible for driving collaboration and ensuring effective day-to-day operations for all departments supporting the northeast Asia regional operations and sales activities.

Her role is focused on prioritizing objectives and implementing scalable solutions to achieve organizational goals by refining policy and procedures, optimizing resources and operating systems, and ensuring training is appropriately handled on a company-wide level.

Athena joined Walton in 2010 and holds a Masters in Biochemistry from the University of Bath.

As Executive Vice President Global Capital Markets at Walton Global, Gary Tom is responsible for strategic planning, establishing business relationships and sales goals for capital markets efforts, globally.

Prior to joining Walton in 2001, Mr. Tom worked in the oil and gas industry for 9 years. He previously held licenses to market securities, mortgages and real estate in Canada.

As Executive Vice President, Finance and Portfolio Management at Walton Global, Jordan McKenzie is responsible for overseeing the underwriting of both Walton’s new land acquisitions and offers received on its current land portfolio, as well as assisting the executive team in structuring new lines of business for the organization.

Prior to joining Walton in 2016, Mr. McKenzie worked as an accountant for an Oil and Gas equipment company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is a CFA Charterholder.

As Managing Director South Asia, James Buchanan is responsible for south Asia regional operations based out of the Singapore office. James has been with the Walton Group of Companies for over 14 years, based in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Prior to joining Walton, James spent 8 years in Tokyo working in asset management, media and telecoms. He graduated from the University of Sheffield in the UK with a BA in Japanese and Korean Studies.

As Managing Director of the Middle East, Tim Haywood is responsible for overseeing the business activities, strategic planning and expansion of Walton’s distribution channels and enhance Walton’s regional presence. Tim has over 20 years in Financial Services and Real Estate, including the last 15 years with The Walton Group of Companies.

Prior to joining Walton, Tim managed a book of private clients in Hong Kong, working for a regional Wealth Management firm. After 18 years in Hong Kong where he started his career with Walton, Tim relocated to Dubai in August 2019 to establish Walton’s first Middle East office, which also serves the African continent.

As the Managing Director of Taiwan, Ronald is responsible for overseeing and driving the success of Walton’s operations, business activities, and strategic planning in the Taiwan market.

Ronald joined Walton in 2013 and has held various roles involving product marketing, investor relations, and communications. He holds a Master’s degree in Language Studies from the City University of Hong Kong and is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

As Principal of Walton Land Capital, Marius Vygantas has been instrumental inbuilding out the Builder Land Financing joint ventures for Walton Global. Marius Vygantas has spent 20 years building cross-border capital partnerships. He is the Founder of Soling Partners and prior to that spent a decade with Mubadala in Abu Dhabi and the Executive Office in Dubai. Marius started his career at The US Federal Reserve in Chicago and Goldman Sachs. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and the London School of Economics.

As Principal of Walton Land Capital, Ridaa Murad has been instrumental in building out the Builder Land Financing joint ventures for Walton Global.  He is also Chief Investment Officer of Breakform Ventures, Co-Founder of BEDROCK | GROUP, Co- Founder of HABITAT | HOMES and Founder of BREAKFORM | RE.

Prior to this Ridaa held a Vice President position at both HSBC Bank and Barclays Capital. He was an Associate Director and Product Manager at Bear Stearns. Ridaa is a John C. Whitehead Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association, a member of the Harrow Association, Urban Land Institute, Building Industry Association of Southern California and the Young Entrepreneurs Council and Board Member of The Kathi Koll Foundation.

As Executive Vice President, Land Acquisition at Walton Global, Barry Dluzen is responsible for the identification of potential target lands in the U.S. and Canada and oversight of a team that generates market analysis, financial modeling, due diligence review, competitive intelligence and management of land acquisitions from feasibility through closing.

Prior to joining Walton in 2016, Mr. Dluzen worked in the residential building and development industry for more than 25 years.

As Executive Vice President, Southeast USA and Mid-Atlantic at Walton Global, Anthony Sparrow is responsible for overseeing the day to day duties of asset management including planning, zoning, operational management and disposition of all raw land assets.

Prior to joining Walton in 2016, Mr. Sparrow was a principal in his own development company, using his experience in community development to develop multiple communities in the Charlotte, North Carolina market. He has been a licensed broker since 1984 and has been involved in developing several golf course communities.

As Senior Vice President, Land Acquisitions for the Eastern part of the U.S at Walton Global, Mike Doherty is responsible for locating strategically developable land that is in the line of path of development and ensuring property is profitable for Walton’s investors. He coordinates with the East coast asset managers to help in developing these properties to their conclusion.

Prior to joining Walton in 1992, Mr. Doherty worked for Hyatt Regency Vancouver as a Front Office Manager.

As Senior Vice President, Arizona and Canada at Walton Global, Rob Nixon is responsible for the company’s land assets in Arizona and Canada, including pre-development land, and residential, commercial, and industrial developments. Mr. Nixon leads the asset management and administration process from acquisition to disposition, including land-use entitlements, planning, design, engineering, construction, and the ultimate systematic sale or alternative monetization of the land assets.

Prior to joining Walton in 2011, Mr. Nixon worked as a heavy equipment operator designing and constructing roads and recreational areas in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

As Vice President, Land, at Walton Global, Anthony Ybarra is responsible for strategically finding vacant tracts of land, iin California, Colorado Arizona and Texas located in the path of growth while ensuring that these sites remain profitable for Walton’s investors.

Prior to joining Walton in 2019, Mr. Ybarra worked as a Land Planner for a widely known Arizona firm called AndersonBaron Landscape Architecture (ABLA), where he worked on community and neighborhood design for major public home builders in the Valley. He then spent 2 years at CalAtlantic Homes/Lennar Homes, where he was in charge of locating future homesites and developing the underwriting and market analysis for each upcoming community.

As Vice President, Mid-Alantic and the Carolinas at Walton Global, Michael Slavotinek is responsible for the ongoing management and disposition of all Walton’s assets in North and South Carolina and works closely with the acquisition team to support their efforts in the Carolinas.

Prior to joining Walton in 2022, Mr. Slavotinek worked as a Director of Land for a privately held Charlotte homebuilder and as a Real Estate Manager with global retailer, Lidl executing their expansion and development throughout the major markets in the Carolinas.


Doug Donald is Senior Vice President, Real Estate Acquisition at Walton Global.

As the Land Manager for Walton Global, Matthew (Mac) Corbin is responsible for creating valuation models, providing market data and other resources that support Georgia, Tennessee and the mid-Atlantic region.

Prior to joining Walton in 2021, he worked in alternative investments at Northern Trust.

Steve Krupinski is General Manager, Development at Walton Global. He is responsible for two development projects located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to the CEO and the Executive Vice President, Special Projects on Walton’s commercial projects throughout the U.S. 

Prior to joining Walton in 2021, Mr. Krupinski worked in commercial real estate for over 25 years, in both the private and public markets. He has experience in retail, multifamily, industrial, medical office, and office. He has mixed-use expertise in urban, “edge city”, and suburban markets. Mr. Krupinski held leadership positions at The Rockefeller Group, where he served as a team lead on a commercial property portfolio located in 49 states. He served as an analyst for Billionaire Herbert Haft, and served as a Director of Washington Real Estate Investment Trust in a direct reporting role to the CEO and Chairman of Washington Real Estate Investment Trust. Mr. Krupinski also served as an officer in the United States Army. 

As a Regional Coordinator for Asset Management at Walton Global, Patrick Doherty supports Arizona, Colorado, California, Texas, OKC and Canada in management and disposition of Walton land assets.

Prior to joining Walton in 2018, Mr. Doherty worked for a non-profit organization in various roles working with physically, financially and special needs children.

As an Asset Management Coordinator at Walton Global, Shane Doherty supports the Florida region in management and disposition of Walton’s land assets. 

Prior to joining Walton’s Regional Coordinator team, Shane worked in Walton’s Portfolio Management team helping analyze their national portfolio. He then returned to school receiving his master’s degree in real estate development before joining the Florida Division.

As a Real Estate Coordinator at Walton Global, Kyle Keenan supports the East region in management and disposition of Walton’s land assets. 

As Executive Vice President of Capital Markets at Walton Global, Todd Woodhead is responsible for sourcing new debt & equity capital for Walton and its investment vehicles, maintaining and growing client and partner relationships, and assisting in the execution of investment strategies.

Prior to joining Walton in 2007, Mr. Woodhead was a regional sales manager for a Fortune 500 high tech firm in California, where he managed both the financial and high-tech markets.

As Executive Vice President of Capital Markets, Katie Hubbard plays a pivotal role in working directly with Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), broker-dealers, family offices, and institutional investment companies across the country to provide valuable insights into Walton’s investment offerings.

Ms. Hubbard previously served in various progressive capital markets roles at Walton from 2008 to 2015, including Executive Vice President, National Accounts, where she played a key role in capital raising efforts of over $500 million in land opportunities across the U.S. Aside from Walton, she previously worked at prestigious firms including The Carson Group and Black Rock, receiving “Sales Manager of the Year” in 2021.

As Senior Vice President, Capital Markets at Walton Global, Matt Keister is responsible for the expansion and implementation of new business initiatives. Mr. Keister established Walton Global’s first U.S. office in Phoenix, Arizona developing strategic partnerships throughout the country while growing the operation as COO and then president of Walton U.S.

Prior to joining Walton in 2004, Mr. Keister lived in Hong Kong and Beijing where he was responsible for the sales and marketing of a regional sports management firm overseeing events throughout Asia.

As Senior Vice President, Capital Markets at Walton Global, John Sobotka is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with RIAs, Family Offices and institutional investment organizations. Mr. Sobotka has nearly 21 years of experience in business development, commercial and institutional sales.

Prior to joining Walton, he was a partner and head of business development for a leading provider of office solutions in Calgary, Canada working with various industries such as architecture and the commercial sector.

As Senior Vice President, Canadian Operations at Walton Global, Tony Deegan is responsible for day-to-day operations and client services for Canada. Mr. Deegan held multiple senior-level positions within the organization including COO for Walton in Southeast Asia, president of Walton International Group Canada and positions in Channel Development, Operations, Marketing and Sales.

Prior to joining Walton in 2001, Mr. Deegan held a variety of sales and marketing-based roles as Account Manager at Christie Brown & Co. and Lipton.

As Vice President, Canada at Walton Global, Rob Hitchcock is responsible for maintaining strong relationships with clients and past producers in the financial industry, mainly in Ontario, Canada.

Prior to joining Walton in 2007, Mr. Hitchcock played professional football in the CFL for 13 years for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, winning a Grey Cup in 1999.

As Senior Vice President, Controller at Walton Global, Claire Gearing is responsible for the day-to-day financial operations of Walton’s operating entities.

Prior to joining Walton in 2020, Ms. Gearing worked for the UK based broadsheet newspaper, The Telegraph, and Richard Branson’s retail arm of Virgin.

As Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Walton Global, Clara Chong is responsible for leading the department, recruitment, payroll, benefits, and commission payments. In addition to her primary role, she is a Privacy Officer, a notary public, and a mortgage broker for Walton.

Prior to joining Walton in 1993, Ms. Chong has held various positions, including Director of Asia Operations and General Manager for Walton’s Hong Kong office, held senior office administrative positions in many well-known, multinational companies in Asia, and received a Master of Business Administriation from Asia International Open University.

As the Senior Vice President of Global Sales Support at Walton Global, Simone is responsible for providing strategic leadership and operational support, driving cross-functional collaboration, and optimizing sales processes on a global scale. Her role entails overseeing the implementation of sales support initiatives and providing comprehensive product knowledge to ensure the utmost efficiency and success of our sales endeavors.

Simone joined Walton in 2015 and holds an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto.

As Vice President, Portfolio Management at Walton Global, Paul Bae is responsible for managing Walton’s various land portfolios internally and externally with our institutional partners.

Prior to joining Walton in 2016, Mr. Bae worked as a financial analyst for Apex Land Development, a multi-faceted real estate development and home building company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Jonquille Levesque is Vice President, Operations at Walton Global (Canada).
As Vice President of Administraion at Walton Global, Cecilia Fong is responsible for working to strengthen regional back-office collaboration by facilitating communication and driving operational efficiency between North America and Asia. Ms. Fong joined Walton in 2013 as an Administrative Assistant for the Land Development and Management department.
As Vice President, Finance and Treasury at Walton Global, Jon Harper is responsible for the day-to-day financial operations and external reporting of Walton’s Canadian land assets.

Prior to joining Walton in 2013, Mr. Harper worked for an NYSE publicly traded finance technology company. Mr. Harper is a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”).



As Vice President, Document Processing at Walton Global, Amaris Douglas is responsible for the processing, maintenance and recordation of all US UDI client investments along with keeping her department on task. Her department is also responsible for various Canadian UDI processing.

Prior to joining Walton in 2007, Ms. Douglas came from government employment where she served in the Human Resources department. During her time in government, she designed and launched an intern program for high school students wanting to seek government employment upon graduation.

As Vice President, Real Estate Transactions at Walton Global, Hector Meza is responsible for not only working within the legal department, but across departments to manage and facilitate all aspects of Walton’s U.S. real estate transactions.

Prior to joining Walton in 2008, Mr. Meza worked as a Commercial Title Officer and a Senior Commercial Escrow Officer for a national title company.

Pamma Lam is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Walton Global.

Pamma is responsible for developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies to drive global brand awareness, promoting Walton’s products and services, and expanding market leadership on a global scale. She leads global marketing initiatives, collaborating closely with cross-functional teams across North America, the Middle East, and Asia, leveraging market insights to ensure alignment between marketing dynamics and overarching business objectives.

Pamma joined Walton in 2009 and has over 15 years of experience in the marketing and communications field.

As Corporate Development Manager at Walton Global, Katie Doherty collaborates with teams across all functional departments within the organization and external business partners to develop training and internal communication strategies that support Walton’s growth and activity.

Prior to joining Walton in 2020, Ms. Doherty worked in government relations at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. and studied International Relations at Western University in London, Ontario.

Salina Lu is the Senior Vice President, Mainland China. She focuses on business development, maintains and grows clients and partner relationships and setting business development strategy for mainland China. Salina joined the company in 2018 with over 13 years of experience in overseas asset allocation and analysis and started promoting Walton’s pre-development land products since 2011. Prior to joining Walton, Salina worked with a number of international financial institutions. Salina holds a Master Degree of Business Administration from Queen Margaret University.


Matthew Lee is the Senior Vice President, Guangzhou and Macau in Walton.

Matthew joined Walton in 2002. With past experience in the real estate and investment industry, he has been successfully formulating overseas asset allocation planning to individual clients and institutional investors for more than 20 years.

Catherine Lin is the Senior Investment Product Director of Walton Taiwan Branch office. She is responsible for supervising the operations and maintaining relationships with financial institutions and partners for Walton Taiwan.

Catherine joined Walton in 2020 and helped setting up the Walton Taiwan Branch office. She has over 20 years of professional experience in banking and capital market, specializing in investment product strategy, ownership structure, financial statement analysis, private equity, and real estate investment.

Catherine obtained her master’s degree in finance from National Central University (Taiwan). In addition, she has more than 15 international professional licenses, including futures securities, investment trusts, wealth management, and real estate.

Florence Yuen is the Vice President of Business Development of Walton North Asia. She is responsible for executing and planning of sales strategy, establishing and maintaining business channels.

Florence joined Walton in 1992.  Since then, she held various positions within the company, such as Division Manager and Head of Sales. During her various positions, she helped leading and building the sales and business development team’s structure in Southeast Asia.

Prior to joining Walton, Florence served as a Branch Sales Manager for a leading real estate agency in Hong Kong, focused on overseas real estate investment and immigration services for regions such as Mainland China, Portugal, Australia, Canada and the United States.  Florence also participated in the establishment of over 19 schools (in which 3 of them sponsored by Walton) for the underprivileged children in poverty regions in Mainland China.

With over 31 years of experience in real estate, Nancy is currently the Vice President of Business Development of Walton Hong Kong, responsible for managing business activities, training and development of Walton’s distribution channels in Hong Kong.

Prior to joining Walton in 2002, Nancy worked in finance and compliance functions in the hedge fund industry.

Nancy started her career as a legal executive and became the Head of Conveyance Department after serving 11 years in a Hong Kong based legal firm. She is experienced in transaction closing, title search and registration for new communities’ development, properties and mortgage, tenancy matters and probate. 

Alice joined Walton in October 2020 as Vice President, Institutional Sales – Capital Market (APAC). In her role , she leads and executes fund raising strategy and cultivates Walton’s brand recognition within the institutional market in the APAC region. Since joining Walton, Alice assists Walton in establishing relationships with institutional clients and will continue to work on various fund products for the company.

Prior to joining Walton, Alice held senior roles in various real estate asset managment, wealth management company and real estate consulting firms in China, Singapore and Hong Kong. She has over 20 years’ experience relating to the full cycle of real estate development, particularly in finance, capital markets, real estate investment and asset management.

Alice holds a Bachlor Degree of Business Administration, Finance from the Simon Fraser University of Canada.

Taylor joined Walton in 2008 and has held various roles within the company. In her current role, she is responsible for  business development, and focuses on leading the team to expand the mainland China market and customizes overseas asset allocation for high-net-worth clients. In recent years, Taylor also assists Walton in providing U.S. immigration consultation service to our clients.

Taylor graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a Master of Business Administration.


Blingi Chan is the Vice President, Business Development of Walton North Asia. She is responsible for expanding Walton’s business channels and maintaining relationship with business partners in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Blingi joined Walton in 2003 bringing in her banking and financial experience to the company. Prior to joining Walton, Blingi worked at Ernst & Young and various equity trust companies where she gained her experience in Accounting and Trade Finance. She also worked in various retail and merchant banks suck as HSBC, Kleinwort Benson and CIC-Union Europeenne.

Blingi holds a Master of Business Administration from Oklahoma City University and a Master of Science in Finance from University of London. She is also an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB), a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a Certified Facilitator.

As Vice President of Client Services and Operations, Anna Marie Wong manages the day-to-day operation, supervises the client services team for the East Asia region and collaborates with teams across different functionals department within the organization to develop and improve the post-servicing process.

Anna Marie joined Walton in 2014 and holds a bachelor’s in business and administration from the University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong.

As Senior Vice President of Sales, Fenny is responsible for leading Walton’s ASEAN sales team. Fenny’s role is focused on training, planning, execution of sales strategy and opening new markets. Fenny joined Walton in 2003 and has a strong track record in sales and business development. Prior to Walton, Fenny had a successful career as an electrical engineer with a multinational corporation. Fenny graduated from Nanyang Technology University as an ASEAN scholar with a B. Eng. (hons).
As the Vice President of Operations of Walton Singapore, Charmian oversees the day-to-day operations and manage resources to ensure smooth functioning of Walton Singapore. She collaborates closely with various global teams to implement plans to achieve operational efficiency and collaborates with the Singapore sales leaders to optimize resources to support sales campaigns and client purchase experience.

Charmian joined Walton in 2006 and has held roles involving the sales operations, investor services and finance in Walton Singapore.