Our Business

Builder Option Land Development

Pre-identified Exit Strategy

Through the monetization of its existing portfolio of land assets, Walton has developed key relationships with builders and developers across North America. After exit discussions with these groups, one constant theme emerged – the need to secure future land inventory without acquiring it today. The Builder Option Land Development offers a solution to their long-term inventory needs by acquiring land identified by these groups and concurrently entering into an option agreement for the future purchase of lots in phases, providing a distinct advantage over their competitors in the market.

Anticipated Annual Cash Flow

Investors will receive annual cash flow as each option agreement is exercised. Prior to the acquisition of each asset, Walton and third-party purchasers will agree on a pre-determined lot price and phased take-down schedule. As development is completed for each phase, builders will pay a portion of proceeds to investors.

Diversified Portfolio of Projects

BOLD investors will have an all-equity position in a multi-property portfolio with diversified asset types and geographic locations. Each property’s unique attributes will determine the development timeline and investor hold period. The diversification within the portfolio aims to minimize risk through a variety of assets and demand for development in each marketplace.