Glen Lakes, Tampa, Florida

Investment Strategy

Innovative Investment Based on Stable Demand for Developable Land

Investing in the Path of Growth of Expanding U.S. Cities

In Walton’s early years, extensive capital was deployed to acquire land in Canada. Walton shifted its focus away from Canada in 2007 to take advantage of the economic downturn in the United States, acquiring over 84,000 acres of land since.

The U.S. economy is forecast to experience stable long-term growth, driven by increases in population, household formation and job creation. This will generate significant demand for development-ready land located in the path of growth of expanding U.S. regions to satisfy the housing needs of a growing population.

Walton’s comprehensive land research methodology, a debt-free model of acquiring pre-development land assets and extensive knowledge gained over our 42-year history, are strengths utilized to strategically acquire pre-development land parcels pertinent to our investment profile.


Partnering with Homebuilders to Transform Land into Communities for Present and Future Generations

In addition to identifying and acquiring pre-development land assets, the exit and monetization of real estate assets to major U.S. national and regional homebuilders and developers are also fundamental to Walton’s investment strategy.

Walton’s asset management model focuses on structuring deals with best-in-class homebuilders and developers to monetize pre-development land assets across North America.

By taking a long-term approach to land planning and entitlements, Walton works with homebuilders and developers to create sustainable communities that stand the test of time: hometowns for present and future generations.