Walton International: A Bullish View on Us Real Estate


Edward Fleming, Executive Vice President for Land in the Eastern United States for Walton International, walks Banker Middle East through the state of the United States real estate market, and the opportunities that millennial homebuyers are creating.

How did your journey bring you to Walton International?

I joined Walton in November of 2014. Currently, I’m the Executive Vice President for land in the Eastern United States. My responsibilities run from Washington DC all the way down to the tip of Florida, and any of the assets that we own or might potentially acquire, and any of the partnerships we have with builders and landowners are my and my team’s responsibility.

The Walton Group of Companies currently administers about 35,000 acres in the East Region alone, which is about 40 per cent of the total land assets that Walton co-owns in the United States with our investors. I didn’t take the traditional path to move up into the development, asset management and homebuilding business…