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Masterplan Standort

The 217-acre Yargo Township Master Plan is located in the City of Winder in Barrow County.

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The Master Plan has frontage along Georgia State Highway 81 and is 4 km to the north of US Highway 316, which is also known as University Parkway, passing east to west through Barrow County connecting the cities of Atlanta and Athens.


The Master Plan contains developed lots in 4 separate subdivisions:
- The Pinnacle and The Lakes – The approved final plat includes approximately 10.35 acres of open space, 15 occupied homes and 60 platted lots. All 60 platted lots were sold in 2016.
- The Summit and The View – Includes undedicated paved roadways and associated potable water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage collection systems to support residential development. 64 lots at The Summit and 134 lots at The View are contracted for sales in 2016 and 2017 respectively.