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Masterplan Standort

The Peak at University Parkway Master Plan is located in Gwinnett County.

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The Master Plan is located along Georgia State Route 316, which connects Atlanta to Athens, and only 3.2 km from Gwinnett County Airport.


The Master Plan is designed to be a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use center with a hotel, conference center, retail, offices, and diverse residential offerings. 4 development districts are identified to guide the future development of the Master Plan:
• The Main Street District – A mix of retail shops, restaurants, and cafes with second and third story offices above.
• The University Parkway District – Offers distinct advantages for both corporate and regional headquarters, as well as premium hotel sites.
• The Campus District – Offers a prime location for corporations, medical facilities, education or industry.
• The Residential District – Contains a variety of residential products, from garden apartments to mid-rise mixed-use residential towers.