Folks concerned about high density residential growth in Fort Mill and Lake Wylie may want to look away Monday night. Or, show up to see what’s happening.

The York County planning commission meets at 6 p.m. in Rock Hill. Five agenda items deal with new subdivisions, combining for more than 290 acres. If approved, they would add 661 new homes and townhomes.

The most density comes from Fort Mill projects. The most total units comes in Lake Wylie. None of the five involve rezonings or similar steps requiring public input. All are looking for preliminary plat review, a point in most projects where the number of units is all but set. The planning commission can take public comment, though it’s not required to; There is no formal comment period listed on the agenda.

Here’s a look at the projects up for plat review, from the highest building density to the lowest:

Barclay Woods
Area: Fort Mill
Acres: 4.21
Units: 33 townhomes

Gateway Communities wants to add townhomes along Heritage Boulevard in the Regent Park area of Fort Mill. One entrance is proposed on Heritage, across from Kite Drive. Barclay Woods would add another 192 daily trips to nearby roads on weekdays, per a traffic study. The developer won’t have to fund road improvements at Heritage and Old Nation Road. Extension of a left turn lane there is expected through Pennies for Progress, the county one-cent sales tax funded program for road improvements.

The average lot size for Barclay Woods is 2,000 square feet. It would have 7.8 dwelling units per acre.

Grantham Place Townhomes
Area: Fort Mill
Acres: 20.1
Units: 147 townhomes

Regent Park Townhomes, LLC is looking to put townhomes off of Heritage Boulevard in Regent Park, between Snead Road and Hickory Stick Drive. Grantham Place would have two entrances, one each on Heritage and Hunter Oaks Lane. Grantham Place would add 854 weekday daily trips to the traffic network. The developer is responsible for an eastbound turn lane on Heritage, with 50 feet of storage and a 60-foot taper.

The average lot size for Grantham Place is 2,912 square feet. It would have 7.31 dwelling units per acre.

Meriway Pointe
Area: Lake Wylie
Acres: 212.81
Units: 449 homes

Walton Development plans 449 single-family homes east of S.C. 49 and south of S.C. 557 in Lake Wylie. A preliminary plat was approved two years ago, but the developer is asking for an extension past the two years it’s valid. The extension would run from this coming to next October.

According to a letter from the developer, land has been acquired and civil engineering done, include for roadways, entrances and utilities. The company “is in negotiations with a reputable national builder,” according to the letter.

The property has significant frontage along Crowders Creek, along its northern bank. The more than 37 acres of tree save and 63 acres of open space both exceed what the county requires.

The average lot size is 5,600 square feet. It would have 2.1 dwelling units per acre.

St. Paul Church Road subdivision
Area: Clover
Acres: 15.24
Units: 11 homes

William Turner from Clover applied to put 11 homes on St. Paul Church Road. Shared driveways or a single access point were requested by the state department of transportation. A traffic impact analysis wasn’t required.

The average lot size is 60,548 square feet, or 1.39 acres. It would have .72 dwelling units per acre.

Herndon Heritage II
Area: Rock Hill
Acres: 39.2
Units: 21 homes

Har-Lee, LLC is developing the second phase of Herndon Heritage off McConnells Highway, just west of Rock Hill. The single-family home subdivision comes with more than eight acres of open space. A traffic impact analysis wasn’t required for the project. McConnells Highway is being widened as a Pennies project.

The average lot size is 54,406 square feet, or 1.24 acres. It would have .54 dwelling units per acre.

This article originally appeared on The Herald.