Walton Global’s Builder Land Income Fund Approved by Moventum S.C.A


Walton Global’s Builder Land Income Fund Approved by Moventum S.C.A

Leading Investment Platform will now offer fund to Financial Service Providers 

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Walton Global, a leading real estate investment and land asset management company, announced the approval of their Builder Land Income Fund by financial services and investment platform, Moventum S.C.A. The Fund aims to provide vital support to top U.S. homebuilders in their efforts to deliver new housing developments across diverse markets utilizing Walton’s Builder Land Financing (BLF) business model. This strategy assists in addressing the pressing issue of housing shortages across the U.S. due to a lack of inventory and current mortgage rates leading to an overall increase in home prices.  

The fundamental Builder Land Financing strategy involves the acquisition of land by Walton that is identified by homebuilders after extensive research. If the land is accepted under Walton’s criteria, the company acquires the land and places it under contract with the builder, in which repayment is made as homes are being built and sold. The BLF business line has been in operation for over three years, demonstrating its proven success in facilitating residential construction projects. The approval by Moventum S.C.A. further solidifies the credibility and attractiveness of the fund in the financial market. 

“We’re honored to be working with Moventum S.C.A., a highly respected financial organization, to launch our Builder Land Income Fund. We believe that this new investment option will prove favorable to investors and bring further choice and diversification to the wider Wealth Management industry,” said Tim Haywood, Managing Director, Middle East at Walton Global. “With the success of our existing investment funds, including the Builder Land Financing model and 1031 Delaware Statutory Trust Exchange, we’re thrilled to continue to expand our offerings which also serve to support the housing market supply in the U.S.”   

Moventum helps financial services providers, such as financial advisors, asset managers, banks, insurance companies and pension funds, to work more efficiently and effectively. A stable and robust investment platform for securities trading, custody and settlement account management and professional, actively managed fund- and ETF-based asset management complement the work of financial services providers. Moventum offers an international service tailored to suit financial advisors with international clients: the company manages client custody accounts for over 40,000 customers from 124 countries. 

“As we continue to expand our international reach, working with best-in-class Wealth Management professionals and institutional investors, we are always seeking to add new, innovative funds,” said Graham Morrall, International Sales Director at Moventum S.C.A. “We believe Walton Global’s Builder Land Income Fund offers just that, a unique proposition for investors to access the U.S. residential homebuilding space, gaining exposure to the largest homebuilders as they continue to meet the demand for affordable housing.”  

Walton’s Builder Land Financing track record includes 24 completed deals to date, with 4 deals already going full cycle. The total capital raised is over USD $184 million, with a current land pipeline of over USD $500 million in future acquisition opportunities. For more information about the Builder Land Income Fund, please contact