Walton Global Announces $1.9 Million Investor Distributions in the Liberty Park Project


Walton Global Announces Investor Distributions in the Liberty Park Project

Walton Global is pleased to announce distributions to investors in the Liberty Park project as a result of home sales. All 3 phases of the property, which is located just northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, were initially acquired from Walton in 2021. To date, 51 homes haves sold in phases 1 and 2.

Two Walton investor groups are owners of the Liberty Park project, and both will be making distributions as a result of the revenues received:

  • Liberty Residential has made a distribution of USD $545,634, or $2,871 per unit to investors.
  • Premium Land Management will be making a distribution of USD $1,355,000 to investors.

There are 139 lots remaining in the Liberty Park project that have not been sold to home buyers. As those sales occur, Walton will make additional distributions to investors in this project.

“We’re all very excited about the management and development of the Liberty Park project,” said Anthony Sparrow, EVP of Real Estate for Walton Global. “We are looking forward to seeing strong momentum into 2024, as this project has met all of its milestones thus far.”