Anthem United has taken over the day-to-day development chores in the northeast community of Cornerstone in a partnership agreement with the Walton Group of Companies.

“It was important to our residents, builders, partners in business and stakeholders that development continue during the corporate restructuring within the Walton Group of Companies,” says Craig Dickie, executive vice-president, planning and development for Walton. “A key element of the Walton restructuring plan is a deliberate shift to establish strategic partnerships with top-tier local and regional developers and builders. Anthem United assuming the role of project manager provides the necessary resources, expertise and greater certainty going forward to ensure a successful buildout of the community.

“The agreement with Anthem United is an example of Walton’s pivot toward this type of management structure as a means to develop real estate assets within our portfolio and we are proud to collaborate with Anthem United in the community of Cornerstone.”

The partnership agreement does not include a change of ownership of land in Cornerstone and the two companies will work together and with other project investors.

Anthem United does take over all aspects of the community’s development, including servicing, subdivision and lot sales.

“Anthem United is excited to be working with Walton and the other partners to ensure Cornerstone is completed in a way that works for the land, its builders, the homeowners and the community at large,” says Eric Carlson, CEO of Anthem United.

The two companies have been working together for about one year, says Brady Morrice, development manager with Anthem United.

“We were formally brought in as development manager on March 28, 2018,” says Morrice. “We have been closely involved with the project since 2017, but from this point forward, day-to-day management has now formally transitioned to Anthem United.”

Walton’s restructuring and Anthem United’s new role as development manager has not affected or delayed any of Cornerstone’s growth.

“The arrangement was specifically structured so as not to delay or impact any momentum that was established in the community,” says Morrice.

Cornerstone was launched by Walton in the fall of 2016, and quickly became one of Calgary’s fastest selling, more popular communities, due in large part to its location.

Situated east of Metis Tr. along 128 Ave. N.E., it has excellent access to Deerfoot and Stoney Trails and the industrial area that is building up, and providing new jobs, in the area.

Upon completion, Cornerstone is expected to add about 4,500 single-family homes and 5,000 multi-family homes.

“Anthem United is very familiar with and has worked with all the existing Cornerstone builders in the past,” says Morrice. “The current Cornerstone builder group consists of Shane Homes, Jayman Homes, Sterling Homes, Morrison Homes and Truman Homes.”

Home styles include front drive, duplexes, street-oriented townhomes (without condominium fees), courtyard homes, zero-lot line homes, condominium townhomes and apartment condominiums.

Plans for Cornerstone include five unique neighbourhoods in two distinct communities, one north and one south of Country Hills Blvd., says Morrice.

“The first phase of development began in 2016 and was completed in 2017. It consisted of 590 single lots and four multi-family sites with two park spaces,” he says. “Sales activity has been really strong across all the different housing types we offered and to date, there have been over 460 single-family sales.

“In addition, Truman Homes has completed the first phases of its Yorke townhome development and construction is well underway on its Legends of Cornerstone condominium project immediately adjacent to 60th Street.

“Phase 2 construction commenced last year and will be completed this year. Phase 2 consists of 293 single-family lots, four multi-family sites and one commercial site. Preliminary sales demand has been strong and we anticipate much more activity now that building permits will be available to the builders in the next four to six weeks.

“Some of the builders are choosing to sell into Phase 2 out of the existing showhome parades but other builders will be completing new showhomes in Phase 2 to highlight some of the new product types that will be available.

“The next phase of planning and engineering is well underway and construction is scheduled to commence in Summer 2018.”

The community is rich in amenities, says Morrice.

“Phase 1 saw the completion of two brand new park spaces that offer a jungle gym and sport track for active play areas as well as quieter, passive park space,” he says. “In the future, as the community grows, it will feature over 95 acres of planned park space and school sites. In addition, there is a 21-acre future high school site located along Country Hills Boulevard.

“The community will also see the preservation and integration of over 180 acres of wetlands planned as natural open space areas. It will also have direct access to the future Blue Line LRT extension that is integrated into a planned Major Activity Centre, which will be a comprehensively designed, commercial and residential mixed-use area.”

“Cornerstone is becoming a great community. It’s important to Calgary, it’s important to Walton and it’s important to Anthem,” says Carlson.

In addition to taking over in Cornerstone, Anthem United is launching two new communities this spring: Belmont in south Calgary, west of Macleod Tr., between 194 and 210 Avenues, and; D’Arcy in the northwest corner of Okotoks, adjacent to the D’Arcy Ranch golf course.

This article originally appeared on Calgary Sun.