About the property

Master Plan Location

The River Park Master Plan is located in the City of Mount Holly in Gaston County.

Road Access

The Master Plan is approximately 4 miles from Interstate 485/Governor James G. Martin Freeway (Charlotte Outer Loop), 4 miles from Interstate 85, and 5 miles from Brookshire Blvd/State Route 16.

Land Use

The Master Plan was initially envisioned as a 300-lot traditional neighborhood with 70’ and 90’ wide lots. However, as the market segment and demand has changed, the intent is to expand the product segmentation to include 50’- 60’ wide lots and cottage home style homes on 40’ wide lots. Under the new zoning, 40’, 50’ and 60’ lots would be introduced and the lot count would increase to approximately 343 from 300 under the existing zoning.