About the property

Master Plan Location

The city of Princeton is near the shores of Lake Laven and benefits from the parks and recreation activities at the lake. The city is a pro-growth and pro-development muncipality that actively pursues growth with a comprehensive 5-year development plan. The property is located close to Princeton High School and the approved City Municipal Center and Park project.

Road Access

Princeton is approximately 30 miles northeast of Dallas. The Master Plan has direct frontage to US Highway 380 between McKinney and Greenville with easy access to major employment centers within a 30-minute drive such as Samsung, Cisco, HP, Boeing and Toyota, and is close to many shopping outlets and restaurants in the surrounding area.

Land Use

The Princeton Master Plan is planned for single-family and multi-family residential use. The proposed concept includes 26 acres for multi-family use and 89 acres for 420 single-family units.