About the property

Master Plan Location

The One University Parkway Master Plan is located in the City of Statham in Barrow County, approximately 1.6 km west of the Historic Downtown Center of Statham.

Road Access

The Master Plan is located along US Highway 316 (US-316), which connects Lawrenceville with Athens and provides access to Atlanta and Interstate 85. US-316 has good traffic counts, providing good exposure and visibility for the property.

Land Use

A Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development Program site certification has been established on the property. The Master Plan was annexed into the City of Statham and approved as Planned Unit Development zoning. The approved zoning for the property allows for a combination of land uses. The Concept Plan incorporates the benefits common to most of our projects: walkability, connectivity to schools from the neighborhoods, ample allocation of open space for recreation, retail and other commercial uses, and plentiful transportation linkages to regional infrastructure.