About the property

Master Plan Location

The Kellogg Tract property is located in North Augusta, South Carolina in the Augusta MSA. The property is approximately 20 minutes outside of Downtown Augusta, GA and 1 hour from Downtown Columbia, SC. It is also located approximately 15 minutes from Augusta National Golf Club.

Road Access

The property features nearby access to Interstate 520, which provides passage to Downtown Augusta and Downtown Columbia. It is located north of Belvedere Clearwater Road which hosts a variety of large retailers, daily conveniences, schools, and medical services.

Land Use

The land is proposed for residential development. It is currently slated for approximately 1,055 lots over the 470 acres. These lots will feature single-family detached homes on 52' and 62' wide lots as well as townhomes on 20' 24' wide lots. There is also a commercial lot.