About the property

Master Plan Location

The Camino Real Master Plan is located in the City of Niederwald in Hays County.

Road Access

The Master Plan lies 30 km south of Downtown Austin. It benefits from proximity to Interstate 35 (I-35), as well as the recently constructed State Highway 130 which offers an additional north-south connection between Austin and San Antonio. The Master Plan has frontage on State Highway 21, one of the major east-west connectors between I-35 and State Highway 130.

Land Use

The Master Plan will incorporate a variety of single-family residential product types as well as commercial and retail uses. It will also benefit considerably from the relocation of Farm to Market Road (FM-2001). Once complete, FM-2001 will run through a portion of the property providing great access to the interchanges at I-35 and the State Highway 130 tollway.