About the property

Master Plan Location

The property is located within the town of Alliston, Ontario, located in Simcoe County, just north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with a driving time of approximately 1 hour to Downtown Toronto. Alliston is a major commercial center outside of the GTA, with a potato and auto manufacturing presence. The Master Plan is located adjacent to the Honda of Canada manufacturing plant, which is currently producing 390,000 cars per year.

Road Access

The property is bounded to the north by Industrial Parkway, a major road within the town of Alliston, and has approximately 2,100 feet of at-grade frontage at the CP Rail Line, with the opportunity of rail spur access and intermodal use.

Land Use

The property is zoned for industrial use, with permitted uses from urban industrial to heavy industrial. With stormwater retention being built offsite, the property is 100% developable for industrial lotting, and could see millions of square feet of developed industrial buildings from administration, logistics, and manufacturing to a propane and natural gas conversion establishment.