Women Of The C-Suite: Kate Kaminski Of Walton On The Five Things You Need To Succeed As A C-Suite Senior Executive

Authority Magazine, 2022/02/24

  • Make time to be available to listen — that is key.
  • Delegate with confidence.
  • Be a mentor and a teacher. Share ideas. Be part of the collaboration and don’t hesitate to work alongside your team.
  • Embrace your teams’ strengths and weaknesses Don’t take for granted experience and education.
  1. You have to be flexible. Things won’t always go the way you planned or think they are supposed, don’t worry about it, embrace it. And that’s ok because new opportunities are right around the corner.
  2. Do what you are passionate about, but that won’t necessarily be what you thought it would be.
  3. Pay the premium for high quality, trusted advisors, even if they are expensive. I have found it always pays off and the value that is gained from seeking wise counsel is infinite.
  4. I said this in a question above, but I will repeat it again because it’s so important. Nothing is more important than your people. And good people are hard to find, so when you find good team members, do what you can to keep them.