Walton Global sells land in Sunshine Industrial Park


ELOY — After being in possession of land in the Sunshine Industrial Park for over a decade, Walton Global, a real estate investment and land asset management company, has sold it for an industrial project.

The sale is for a total of just over 90 acres in the park, which sits off Sunshine Boulevard and Interstate 10 and close to Interstate 8.

“Walton is very excited to be a part of the growth in Eloy and in Pinal County,” Walton Global Vice President of Marketing Tricia Covert said. “We have more acres in the area and more properties, and we are excited to be a part of what’s happening in that part of Arizona.”

Although the company that purchased the land was not announced due to market reasons, Walton Global Senior Vice President of Arizona and Canada Robert Nixon spoke about the sale and how it came about.

“We are always in constant communication with the economic people in the city of Eloy, and other people that are always keeping their finger on the pulse when it comes to land transactions,” he said. “This group had reached out, and ultimately, this site met all of their requirements.”

Nixon described the land that was sold as “prime real estate,” with access to two major interstates as well as Union Pacific Railroad, which links to 23 states and ports in both Canada and Mexico.

When asked about the relationship between Walton Global and the city of Eloy, Nixon praised the city staff’s vision for growth and expansion, saying that working with them has been a great experience.

“Sunshine Industrial is just one of those many projects and holdings we have in the county, so we have been working with the city of Eloy and the county for several years now,” Nixon said.

“(The city staff) has a very pro-growth attitude, which is starting to attract businesses to want to invest in the area. It has been a pleasure to work with them because they want to help facilitate this growth.”

Nixon said that the sale can be categorized as a win for all parties, saying that the opportunity to bring more businesses and jobs to the community can help Eloy continue its growth down the road.

“We think development is going to beget development,” he said. “More businesses are going to want to settle down there as more development happens. You’re going to have temporary construction jobs as the development is built, and you’re going to have more permanent ones once the site is built. That is going to bring in more tax revenue that is going to allow (the city) to expand and improve its infrastructure. It is just another one of those stepping stones as the city grows.”