Walton Global Plans for the Future


Walton has announced that it will be moving its North American headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A., over the course of this year.

This is part of a strategic plan and the Walton pivot that focuses on opportunities in the United States. The transfer of the Corporate head office will ensure Walton’s attention to the growth and monetization of assets in the U.S

Walton will continue to have an office in Calgary and will manage and divest Walton-managed Canadian land assets, including the oversight and completion of development projects in both Alberta and Ontario. Furthermore, Walton will continue to service our Canadian (and global) clients through our call-in number (1-866-925-8668) and our web- site.

We would like to thank all our Canadian employees for their contributions to our various businesses over the last 40 years and look forward to the ongoing growth and expansion of our business in the United States marketplace.