Walton Global Announces a $63.7 Million Distribution to Investors


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., –Walton Global, a real estate investment and land asset management company with US$3.4 billion under management is pleased to announce a total of CAD $63.7 million in distributions that will be made to investors within various corporations: WIGI Restructured Bond Corporation (WIGI RBC), McConachie Management Corporation and Roll-up Corporation (RUC). The distributions are scheduled throughout the month of December 2021.

Roll-Up Corporation (RUC)

A distribution of approximately CAD $55 million was approved on November 15, 2021, by the Walton-managed Roll-Up Corporation (RUC). The distribution was paid to shareholders of RUC on December 1, 2021. This is the third distribution made to investors in RUC, with this distribution representing $0.082 per share. RUC investors have received a total of CAD $104 million in distributions since the formation of the entity in 2018.

RUC was formed through the amalgamation of 134 Canadian pre-development land entities and has more than 28,141 shareholders. The Corporation collectively owns an interest in 15,622 acres of pre-development land in key growth markets throughout the United States and Canada.

McConachie Asset Management Corporation

A distribution to investors on behalf of McConachie Asset Management Corporation of CAD $2.5 million is scheduled to be made on December 10, 2021.

CAD $2.5 Million is the third distribution made to bondholders in 2021. The distribution is both a principal and interest payment that will be paid to all bondholders on a pro-rata basis. A total of CAD $64.9 million of principal and interest payments have been made to investors in the McConachie project to date.

McConachie is a residential development project in Edmonton, Alberta where Walton is the project manager. Walton has been working on completing the project this year with some carry over for items to be completed by early 2022.

WIGI Restructured Bond Corporation (WIGI RBC)

WIGI RBC is making a cash distribution of CAD $6.2 million scheduled for December 31, 2021. This represents the second distribution being made from this entity in 2021 as a repayment of the bonds. A total of approximately CAD $18.9 million has been distributed to investors in WIGI RBC to date.

WIGI Restructured Bond Corporation owns Canadian assets, including pre-development land projects and active land development projects in Alberta and Ontario.

Walton anticipates it will create further monetization opportunities in 2022 that will provide additional distributions for investors within these corporations.