Glen Lakes, Tampa, Florida

Land Investment

Advantages of land investment with Walton

Walton prioritizes the identification and acquisition of pre-development land in the path of growth, an alternative investment that can deliver high returns. Our land acquisition model begins with years of extensive research on trends that impact the demand for land, and we also employ GIS technology and consult third-party experts in the market when buying land. As a result of this disciplined approach, we have become a well-regarded source for top developers and homebuilders looking for development-ready properties.

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Verano, Riverside County, California


Land Financing

Homebuilders and developers are shifting from traditional methods of purchasing and banking large tracts of land to a “just-in-time” model. Working with top national homebuilders, Walton has developed a strategy that serves to provide a pipeline of dedicated land inventory for homebuilders and developers on terms that meet their business objective. LAD Financing is a fixed interest rate opportunity that offers the potential for an income stream through periodic payments.

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Builder Land

Inventory for builders and returns for investors

Through Builder Land Financing (BLF), homebuilders and developers can secure land inventory without acquiring land immediately and purchase lots in phases for future real estate development. An agreement is reached on a pre-determined lot price and a phased take-down schedule. Investors receive a portion of the proceeds following the completion of each phased development. Builder Land Financing provides investors with a diversified portfolio of land assets and locations, which minimizes risk.

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Silver Peaks, Denver-Fort Collins, Colorado



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