Master Plan Location

The 59-acre The Georgian Subdivision is located in Villa Rica in Paulding County.

Road Access

The subdivision  can be accessed via multiple roadways, including the Georgian Parkway, a two-lane paved road running west from Georgia State Route 61 (“SR-61”). SR-61 is an urban minor arterial roadway traversing north-south through the center of Paulding County.

Land Use

The property is a 1,696 unit golf course development, of which:
- 547 lots & golf course/amenities (“The Frog”) were developed; 
- 246 are Vacent Developed Lots administered by Walton
- 290 are occupied homes built by various homebuilders 
- 831 acres of undeveloped land in the development are administered by Walton

Project Availability

The partially finished single-family subdivided lots within the subdivision is under contract for sell to mulitple homebuilders.

Property size
(Total MP Acres)
108 acres


Land Use