Our Business

Framing and Painting


Walton owns Superstition, an Arizona company in the development trade that provides workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets. Superstition’s experienced team offers dedicated project management, building, installation and painting services. We leverage our in-house skillsets to build and install residential and commercial properties, delivering quality product and cost savings.

Superstition Carpentry

Superstition Carpentry is a dedicated project manager that efficiently utilizes innovative solutions in the carpentry trade. Their current services include Door, Trim, and Framing. These in-house specialties are used to build and install residential and commercial properties, while delivering quality product and saving costs.

Superstition Paint

Superstition Paint provides painting services for residential and commercial properties. The team of skilled and professional painters ensures projects are done properly and are able to withstand the test of time.

Superstition Components

Superstition Components L.L.C. not only builds great products, it also brings a new and innovative solution to the ever-growing recidivism problem in Arizona. Superstition Components employs inmates within their manufacturing facility to build the Red Rock line of sheds. This gives the inmates valuable hands-on skills like carpentry and drafting, to prepare them to re-enter the workforce upon release. At Superstition, we believe that the more educated and skilled all our community members are, the better.

Visit https://www.superstitioncompanies.com/ for more information.